In the mean time…

Hello Lovers and Friends!

We missed you this spring and this summer we’ve been missing you even more! As brave aliens learning the balance of collaborative work and individual projects, LOOP has taken the summer to journey on separate paths. But never fear, we’re forever committed to exploring the vibrant intersections of the amazing arts and activism happening in our communities. So although LOOP has been on hiatus this summer, we’re busy dreaming up ways to get you all in one room again come fall.

We can’t wait to see you! In the mean time, peep what we’re up to this summer:

Jozi is in the infamous holy lands of Palestine & Israel, where she is working on what is essentially an independent journalism project. She hopes to gather recordings of short oral histories, especially from activists & artists of all different backgrounds working to end the Israeli occupation. 
When she returns to the U.S. she plans to collaborate with other activists & artists to build a workshop highlighting these narratives for those who have only received news of the conflict in the biased tones of the American mainstream media. As an American Jew, she wishes to use her privilege to educate other young American Jews & connect them to active networks of resistance & peace building.

You can stay updated with her research, learning & storytelling efforts at

Hannah is celebrating her last summer as a Howard University undergraduate!  As a Roosevelt Institute | Summer Academy Fellow, she is interning with the Fair Elections Legal Network and researching mixed income housing strategy + affordable housing policy in DC in effort to translate shared-power models of community building into public policy. Part thought experiment and part action plan, she hopes to discover where political theory and public policy can meet and join forces. Through her work this summer, she hopes to grow toward becoming that force. 
You can see what Hannah’s been up to with the Fair Elections Legal Network here. Her research and policy work will be available here by mid August. 
Until Next Time,
Hannah & Jozi
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No Fanfare: A Thoughtluck*

*LOOP is sorry to say that this event has been rescheduled! Don’t worry, we’ll put you up to speed as soon as we’ve got a new date. We welcome you to continue sending your readings/curriculums to!

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Scrapbook: Group Storytelling at Many Worlds

LOOP’s collaborative creation feature at Many Worlds, the 2nd: Group Storytelling.

Here are the scanned stories inspired by this photo from the Bodies in Urban Spaces project.

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A World of Ours

“It was pretty awesome that an arts collective/community could ban together like that to support each other and create a night for great friend making. It was refreshing to present to a whole new mixed audience…” –Aris Slater Sandoval, Visions of an Interior Life

Last Thursday, some swagmagic went down at A World in Which Many Worlds Fit, the 2nd. We caught glimpses of overlooked moments of intimacy through watching stop motion animation. We visualized the social networks we create through physical threads connecting us all. We learned about studs and talked about spirituality. We wrote group stories about spiders & curry (check out our scrapbook!).

Here are some windows into the night:






*Photos by Aris Slater Sandoval

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Many Worlds Line-up!

Get your FREE tickets for Many Worlds on March 10th here!
Here’s what we’ve got planned!
*Poetry from Candice Iloh
*Discussion of violence against aboriginal women in Canada with Shana Radford
*Music from Avi Washington
*Poetry and storytelling from Khaliha

*Stop motion animation with Aris Sandoval, and

*A participatory live-art spectacle with Max Aetheling

And of course, some collaborative creation led by LOOP

We can’t wait to see you!
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Share Your Work!

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Thank you!


Thanks for the overwhelmingly positive response to our new blog space! We wanted to share a few updates about the upcoming ‘Many Worlds’ on March 10th.

We’ll be considering presentation proposals until February 27th, so send yours if you havent yet! We’ve been getting amazing responses, we can’t wait to put it all together!

Here’s what you can do:

Presentations will be 10 minutes each including talkback. Please email us at by February 27 and let us know a couple things:

1)    A brief description of what you would like to present.

2)    How does your presentation topic relate to your passions?

We would love to see everyone present, but we have limited slots to allow for maximum talkback. We’ll let you know who’s presenting by March 1st, along with location and ticket information.

Until then…

Save the date: Thursday, March 10 2011 | Doors 7:30 | Event 8pm-10pm

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